How to Choose the Best Disposable Diapers for your baby

How to Choose best Disposable Baby Diapers

For all new parents, baby diapers are one of the initial purchases after the birth of their bundle of joy.  It’s one thing which babies need frequently and generally a baby go through around 2500-3000 baby diapers in the first year itself.  With so many brands especially good and known ones and numerous companies choises may seem endless and a difficult thing and more confusing with every brand and company justifying it’s product as best.

As a first time parent I also went through all this dilemma and I know it’s very difficult to know about a product just by glancing at it’s packaging, but yes there are few things which were always important factor for me while choosing the best disposable diapers for my baby and these were comfort, hygiene and safety and yes another factor which got added to my considerations later was cost as I noticed that it’s something which I need very frequently for my baby and hence buying the costeliest diapers might not suite to my pocket well in long run and if I can find something reasonably priced without compromising with comfort, health and safety of my baby then that is good.

As I mentioned above that choosing the best and most appropriate disposable diapers for your baby is a tough task and different parents can have their different priorities and views about brands and products and some of the things they will get to know mostly after using one or other product like which one fits best to their baby, but I know few other things like comfort, health and safety are few things which every parent would like to go for and my goal is to help you out to understand these factors and criteria well, so that you can give the best to your baby.

For new parents, I would recommend that they should always consider their infant’s need as well as their own priorities.  Every family has their own preferences, their own bottom line.  They should give due considerations to all aspects and find out first what is it, health, environment (yes environment is indeed an important consideration and few people who are more concerned about their environment do keep it as one of their top priorities to use a product which is environment friendly), cost or something else.

Here I want to give an advise that initially do not buy in bulk (although buying in bulk is always cheaper) unless you have tested a particular brand and product and are satisfied with it’s quality, size and comfort level of your child and you with the product.  Buying in bulk is always cheaper but if you buy a particular size or product in bulk without first checking it’s quality you might end up either using an unfit baby diaper or a product you are not happy with or you might have to even dump it and buy something more suitable for your loving baby.

To choose the best disposable diaper for your baby, you need to first know about few things related to diapers like what are available different sizes of baby diapers,  what different materials are used in baby diapers, which diapers are not safe and which ones are more environment friendly.  Once you have understood these things, you will be in a better position to pick the right diaper for your baby.

Different sizes of diapers

Diapers comes in different sizes according to age, size and weight of babies but the most important and acceptable criteria is weight of baby.  As far as size is concerned much like sizes of clothes of children from different brands, sizes of baby diapers too vary a little bit between different brands.  Sometime this difference is due to the material used, quantity of absorbent and padding, slight different shapes to give them a unique look as per their brand etc. Most diapers assistance guarantee a release free fit by giving a twofold versatile fixing edge, one edge right along the spongy center, and one along the external shell of the diaper.

Generally sizes of these diapers are categorized as Newborn, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large.  Few brands do have sizes greater then Extra Large to accommodate very healthy babies and babies upto 3-4 years of age.   These sizes are based on the baby weight which is either in Lbs or Kgs.

Small size diapers are generally for the babies of 4-8 Kgs / 8 – 17 lbs of weight, Medium size diapers are for 5-11 Kgs / 11 – 24 lbs and Large size diapers are for the babies of weight 8-14 Kgs / 17 – 30 lbs.

Different Material used in diapers and their structure

Diapers are developed in three layers, an internal layer that sits against child’s skin is intended to be delicate, stay generally dry, and wick away dampness into the center. The retentive center is intended to draw dampness in and trap it to keep wetness far from child to evade rashes. The external layer is waterproof to anticipate spills.

Retentiveness is the most paramount quality of any diaper, if disposable or fabric. It not just reflects what amount fluid it can hold, additionally how well that fluid wicks far from child and circulates all around a diaper’s center and how well it keeps on holding that dampness far from infant’s skin. Poor ingestion reasons infant’s skin to be laid open to tireless soddenness which can prompt diaper rash.

Let me delve into a brief of detail on how diapers are constructed. Let me share that the secret chemical ingredient that is used today in almost every brand of disposable diaper, green or otherwise, in the absorbent core of the diaper is Super Absorbent Polymer, which is also called SAP.  The crystaline SAP powder (like a very fine white sand) is sprinkled into the middle of the absorbent core layers. SAP is the main part of your diaper’s absorbency sandwich, and it is placed in between the upper and lower core layers to provide the primary method of absorbing urine and wet fecal material and trapping it in the core.  Even almost all green considered diaper brands also use it and they consider it safe and non toxic, although I would not be able to comment on this as I could not find any detailed research or study claiming it to be safe and non toxic.

How to find most reasonably priced diapers

Well finding most reasonably priced diapers is also a tough job as you will find same brand, quality, size diapers available in different prices at different places and at times you might end up paying more for the same product while buying at different time and place.  I also understood and learned this thing only after the birth of my second child and finally I was able to find out right places and way to buy the same good product at better prices then what I was being offered by even well known shopkeepers and store owners who claimed to give me good discount on the product which they generally sell on printed MRP i.e. maximum retail price.

You can always look at this place to find updated links and details about the recent best places and Bestsellers in Baby Diapers to buy your next lot for your baby’s diapering needs.  Please also check this post about diaper deal


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